That's How a Snake Gets into Your Bathroom

Bangkok, 2016. A man is going to the bathroom. He is getting ready to relax when all of a sudden, something crawls out of the toilet pipe and bites him. The man keeps his wits about him and calls the rescue service. The intruder is soon pulled out of the toilet, and it turns out to be a 10-foot python!

Yes, there was a python in the potty! And this case is not the only one. Rescuers pull out dozens of snakes from toilets around the world every year. And, not only snakes get in there, but also octopuses, rats, frogs, and what not.

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How pythons get inside sewers 0:36
They get out in a different place 2:25
Pet snakes that escape 3:46
Snakes falling from trees 5:13
Rats in the sewer pipes 5:37
Other creatures in the sewers 6:08
What should you do if this happens 7:00

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-Driven by the smell of food, a python doesn't notice that the jungle has ended, and human dwellings are all around. There, the snake gets inside the sewer.
-Snakes wander around the sewers for a long time, crawl to the source of air and light, out a long S-shaped pipe and see a human.
-There was a case when python knocked out the terrarium's roof glass and escaped. Snakes can escape not only from home terrariums but from zoos too.
-There were cases when snakes fell from tree branches directly onto a house's roof or got into an apartment through air vents.
-Rats get into the sewer on purpose: they know there is a lot of good food in your apartment. Sometimes they even manage to get into the kitchen.
-In some countries, such as Australia, funnel-web spiders can enter the sewers. Frogs can easily end up in your bathroom too. Another animal that could theoretically end up in the sewers is an octopus.
-If this is some small creature, like a rat or frog, then wash it off. Thanks to the fat on their fur, though, rats float in the water easily. Also, there are ultrasonic devices that produce a low-frequency sound. People don’t hear it, but it’s making rodents go nuts.

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