Oman Tourism’s First Global TVC

The Tourism Ministry of Oman has launched its global advertising campaign which captures the essence of Oman at different levels and showcases diverse aspects of the destination.

The film takes us through the journey of a young man from India visiting Oman for a friend’s wedding and then exploring the adventurous side of the country like never before, along with his friends. The tempo boosts up as the film progresses and the lyrics of ‘I want a freedom from me’ depicts the right spirit and spells various emotions.

To discover more about Oman check out the Official Oman Tourism website at!ut/p/a1/hc9Nb4JAEAbg39LDXpmhKNLeVtBKgWqDibgXsyYIJCxDlhX_vlvrzX7MbSbPvJkBAQWITo5NJU1DnWy_euEf_I9lullELq4DFzHOg8zP89DD9dSCvQX4S3H8b38H4kbCN76azFK7M09CjJPFZ7L1Mhe5-wAmwTPG0XwVzV4ym-bfwR835FLDO4iqpePtpz3vjl5QgdDlqdSlds7ajmtj-uGVIUNSsjN01s2gnIpGhxTDSz8w7Ekb2TJUZBjexTdnWJMqf8quaTBQPEZCrwpsNnU7pvzpCothfVE!/dl5/d5/L0lHSkovd0RNQUZrQUVnQSEhLzRKU0UvZW4!/

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